Making new friends, for me, has never really been easy. So when I first began this photography passion of mine, I found it very hard (and honestly REALLY scary) to connect with other creatives. But lately, I’ve been meeting up with a few locals who have welcomed me with open arms! THAT is what #communityovercompetition is all about. I know whenever I’m in a tight spot, need some advice, or even just want to get coffee, I can rely on these girls to come through! No judgment. Nothing withheld. True and honest friendship.

To be honest, I’ve met a few along the way who weren’t here to help build me up or “help” me. I’m not saying this to degrade anyone so I’ll keep this part short. Look for those who will help plant a seed of inspiration in you AND help it to grow (and don’t forget to return the favor)!

SO… To anyone out there who’s just starting out, or even has been around awhile and just wants a new friend, PLEASE reach out! Whether it be to me (always accepting friendship applications) or to another in your own community. DO IT! Don’t be afraid, put yourself out there. If you don’t, no one will ever know how amazing YOU are!

March 8, 2019

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