Let's face it girls, Your photographer is going to be there for it all, every step of the way, and you want to make sure they have your very best interests and desires at heart!
My goal is to provide all my brides with a unique, tailor made look at your special day, the highest quality photos of every sweet and precious moment, to be your best friend, your hype-man, and to capture every moment of joy and maybe even a few tears, exactly the way you want it!
Your memories are yours, so lets make sure they look exactly like you

Hey Ladies! I'm Kayla, Lead photographer!
I started Blush Moments Photography because of my passion for capturing life's best moments, from the beginning to the end. I want you to be able to look back on every photo and feel exactly the way you felt on your special day!
I chose wedding photography because of my own wedding actually, my own experience with my wedding photographer wasn't the best and led to my photos not being the best reflection of my husband and I. We learned the hard way that it takes so much more than beautiful images to capture all the beautiful feelings. This experience sparked so much passion for helping other women go through their weddings so that they didn't have the same experience I had.

About Blush Moments

Blush Moments