All about that goofy grin…

Hey Y’all! Im Kayla Hickman! Owner, operator, and designer of Blush Moments Photography and i’m so glad you’re here!
Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I’m a small town girl, born and bred in a tiny town in North Carolina right outside of Charlotte. I married the love of my life in the fall of 2017, we don’t have children yet but we have 2 amazingly sweet fur babies to love on! My Husband is actually the one who started my passion for capturing precious moments when he handed me a camera in 2016. Since then i’ve started my journey all across america (and hopefully abroad soon!) to capture everyone else’s special moments. I love weddings, maternities, families, seniors and ALL of the little moments in between!

Traveling around and meeting new people is just one of the many reasons I love what I do.

My main goal for myself with every session is to make sure to capture your favorite memories that you will cherish forever.

I’m always free to chat, wether it be over coffee or just a quick text, I WANT to get to know you!

So shoot me a message or call me up.


January 14, 2019

  1. Nina Thomas says:

    SUCH a beautiful photographer, both inside and out!

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